The Martyrdom of

Thomas Merton

Photographs Expose Thomas Merton

Murder Cover-up

Thomas Merton Crime Scene Photos

Did Thomas Merton Have a Love Child?

Getting a Grip on Thomas Merton's Murder

Black Like Whom?  Mystery Man,

John Howard Griffin

The Thomas Merton Autopsy that Wasn't

Mother Teresa, Richard Rohr and Thomas Merton

Was America’s Outspoken Catholic Priest and Best-Selling Author, Thomas Merton, “Eliminated” Because of His Outspoken Opposition to the Vietnam War?

The Eradication of Thomas Merton: Strike Three in 1968

by Fr. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy

An Enemy of the Thomas Merton Society

The Irony of Thomas Merton: Raids on the Unthinkable

Thomas Merton's "Death Shout"

Why Catholics Haven't Heard of Thomas Merton's Elimination

The Strange Case of the Monk in the Shower - Questions Surrounding the Death Thomas Merton

by Patricia Lefevere

This article was rejected by the National Catholic Reporter and her original references to

NCR ("Dr. Paul  Pearson told NCR" and "Fox told NCR by e-mail" ) were removed 1-9-19.

Professor Secretly Trashes Merton Book

Thomas Merton, America Has Need of You

Key False Document in Thomas Merton Death Case

Befuddled Juror in Thomas Merton Book Verdict

Authenticity of Key Letter Doubted

Regarding Thomas Merton's Death

Crucified Christ Today: Merton and Romero

Penn Jones and the Merton Death Cover-up

New Directions' Misdirection on Thomas Merton's Death

Thomas Merton's Death and Fake Opposition

What We Know About Thomas Merton's Death

Parade of Whoppers about Thomas Merton's Death

Talk Show Hostess Continues Merton Death Cover-Up

Merton's Message Resonates as Nuclear Holocaust Looms

The Hot Potato of Thomas Merton's Death

Thomas Merton, Anti-War Hero

Is the American Press the Enemy of the People

Thomas Merton and Patrick Knowlton

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